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We at American Continuing Education work hard to provide our guests and regular users with an excellent selection of information pertaining to continuing education. Simply select a topic from the list below to learn more.

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How do I know what course to choose?

To help you select your course(s), review the information on the Course Catalog page (see image below).  The following information is displayed for each available course:


P      Course Textbook Image Cover

P      Course Hours – Approved credit hours for the course

P      Course Price

P      Course Name

P      Course Delivery Methods available (usually Internet (from your web browser) or Paper (Text mailed to you)

P      Exam Delivery Method (If an exam is required, you can usually complete it online and receive instant feedback even if you select “Paper” as your course method.

P      Course Description – describes contents of the course

P      Table of Contents – Select this link to view the course table of contents

P      Course Number – Approved course number from the approving State Agency

P      Provider Number – AmericanCE’s provider number from the approving State Agency


Select the State Requirements/FAQs link to display detailed information about your state/profession requirements. This information is offered as a courtesy from AmericanCE, and you should verify with your state agency to make sure it is valid.  Courses approved for special state requirements are specifically noted next to each course title in the course catalog for that state (State Laws and Rules, Ethics, NEC 2005, …).

Course Catalog

State Requirements






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