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We at American Continuing Education work hard to provide our guests and regular users with an excellent selection of information pertaining to continuing education. Simply select a topic from the list below to learn more.

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Course Information:
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What kinds of email will AmericanCE send to me?

AmericanCE will send you an email under conditions listed below (usually from info@AmericanCE.com):


1.       When you register with AmericanCE. 

2.       You will receive a copy of your invoice if you make an online purchase from AmericanCE.  You should maintain this invoice for your tax records because you can write off Continuing Education expenses if the course is purchased to maintain your license.

3.       You will receive a Congratulations email shortly after you successfully complete a course, which will contain instructions on what your responsibility is, as well as what final steps AmericanCE is responsible for to make sure the correct State Agency receives your CE Credit Information.  This letter will also contain an attached PDF of your Certificate of Completion.

4.       When you change your account profile information


Promotional emails from AmericanCE will be sent only if you “opt-in” to receive them.  AmericanCE will never sell or provide your personal information to others (see our Privacy Policy).  Please see the image below for the checkbox that allows you to opt-in or opt-out from receiving AmericanCE Emails.

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